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Continuing Life

With an increase in both suicide attempts and suicide completions in Box Elder County, Utah, a coalition of both professionals and volunteers is available to help educate all ages. When you are in the depths of depression it’s hard to see a way out.

Perhaps you’ve lost a job, experienced infidelity, suffered illness, financial devastation, lost your home, a parent, your spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or even a child of any age. When immediate pain and anguish takes over, it can be hard to see tomorrow. But I promise you, tomorrow will come, and there is a solution to your issue that does NOT involve the permanency of suicide.

Over time, this site will be built with educational articles, uplifting content, and resources for help in Brigham City, Utah and surrounding areas. If you would like a speaker to visit your school, university, or business to speak on resources and preventative measures available, please contact us. You may also text LISTEN to 741741 anytime for confidential help.

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