SafeTALK hosted by Brigham Suicide Prevention

Brigham Suicide PreventionDoes the thought of communicating with someone struggling with depression scare you or make you feel like you want to avoid them? It’s not that you don’t care or don’t love them, it’s that you don’t know what to say or how to offer help in a way that won’t distance them from you.

SafeTALK being taught on Monday, October 16, 2017 at Bridgerland in Brigham City, Utah from 4-7pm. The class is taught by Taryn Aiken Hiatt.  Register Here for only $10.

This class offered by Brigham Suicide Prevention WILL offer you tools to help you know what to say and how to start a conversation.

One of our suicide prevention coalition members and I were having a chat before our fundraiser walk in Brigham City in September. I told him it was sad that more of the community wasn’t here to support suicide prevention. He said,

“I’m just telling you that if my son hadn’t died by suicide, I wouldn’t be here supporting this cause tonight. I know I wouldn’t.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every member of our community knew they could save a life? They can learn words, use actions, or donate funds to help educate.

“Unfortunately, suicide and mental health crises are things that don’t affect you until they do.”

Let’s all take action!

I want to be prepared to prevent a tragedy in the event I’m able to notice the signs of someone struggling. I can make a difference. I will be attending SafeTalk being held at the Brigham City campus of Bridgerland Applied Technology Center and I sincerely hope you join us.

There are only 40 seats available and we are expecting to sell out (15 tickets left as of October 1, 2016).  Register today for SafeTALK –It is one decision I know you won’t regret.